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My new story: “Come Sing It Plain,” published by Close To The Bone

My latest blog post: WARNING: Unregistered post!

Dave is a former journalist, disc jockey, and cabdriver, but most of all he’s a lifelong writer whose current specialty is short stories. His contemporary Southern fiction has appeared in Adelaide Literary Magazine, the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature, Flora Fiction, and the Birmingham Arts Journal. He’s also published noir stories in Close To The Bone, the Fictional Café, and elsewhere.

When he’s not writing new stories, he blogs about life and the perils of advancing age. He works as a freelance editor, helps wrangle social media for the Atlanta Writers Club, and keeps busy with his own platform (whatever “platform” means). Important note! Please bookmark this page so you don’t Google “David Swan fiction” and end up with this Nathaniel Hawthorne piece, which was written long before Dave was born. (However, it’s possible that Hawthorne knew his ancestors.)

Life, the South, and other mysteries

  • New! Now You Never Call Me Anymore – Past and present collide in New Orleans when a woman visits a dying ex-boyfriend. Published by Adelaide Literary Magazine.
  • Wednesday’s Road – Sometimes we need a little help to reach the end of our journey. Flora Fiction
  • From The Moon To The Earth The moon man lives in the woods and comes out at night. Sledgehammer Lit
  • My Late Friend Laura Ann Randall – She was a good person. Wasn’t she? Red Fez
  • Flag Day – Confederate flags don’t hurt anybody, right? Birmingham Arts Journal
  • Bobby Dean Goes Viral – Football as religion, including the Golden Rule. The Dead Mule School of Southern Literature
  • High Tide – Anniversaries, beaches, and most of all, love. Dead Mule
  • Reefer and Jesus – It’s amazing what you can find on the south side of town. Birmingham Arts Journal

Noir, crime, and Covid

  • New! Come Sing It Plain – Based on an old British murder ballad of a mother’s hatred and a daughter’s revenge. Close To The Bone
  • Algorithms and Lies – An old-school crime writer gets a life-changing bad review from an AI bot. The Fictional Cafe
  • Actual Events – When your rideshare passenger has a terrifying “taxicab confession.” Close To The Bone
  • The Man With the Six-Foot Soul – Illusion and reality shift amid the pandemic. The Red Fez
  • Country Dark – A desperate wife tries to escape an abusive relationship. Flora Fiction
  • The Milk of Human Innocence – The truth behind the urban legend of the milkman. Red Fez
  • Independence – It’s the summer of 2020. Forget Covid. Let’s party! Medium

Writing about writing

Dave’s Short Fiction on Amazon

A New Grateful Nation cover.

A New Grateful Nation

Back from Afghanistan, she’s fighting a different war at home.

Fourteenth Pelican cover.

The Fourteenth Pelican

An environmental private eye tangles with sick seabirds.

Photos by Janet Stevenson and Dave Swan. Header photo by

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