New blog post: The island shining before us

New story: “Algorithms and Lies,” published by The Fictional Cafe

Dave is a former journalist, disc jockey, and cabdriver. Most of all, he’s a lifelong writer whose current specialty is short stories. His contemporary Southern fiction has appeared in the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature and the Birmingham Arts Journal. He’s also published noir fiction and pandemic stories in Close To The Bone, the Red Fez, and elsewhere.

Dave’s upcoming novel “Back Beach Blues” is a classic Florida tale of beaches, action, humor, and romance. When he’s not writing new stories, Dave blogs about issues like Covid and the perils of old age. He works as a freelance editor, helps wrangle social media for the Atlanta Writers Club, and keeps busy with his own platform (whatever “platform” means).

Important note! Please bookmark this page so you don’t Google “David Swan fiction” and end up with this Nathaniel Hawthorne piece, which was written long before Dave was born (though it’s possible Hawthorne knew his ancestors).

Life, the South, and other mysteries

Noir, crime, and Covid

Writing about writing

Dave’s Short Fiction on Amazon

A New Grateful Nation cover.

A New Grateful Nation

Back from Afghanistan, she’s fighting a different war at home.

Fourteenth Pelican cover.

The Fourteenth Pelican

An environmental private eye tangles with sick seabirds.

Photos by Janet Stevenson and Dave Swan. Header photo by

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