Dave started out in life as a disc jockey and cabdriver, moved up to being a radio newshound, and is now an official, fully qualified Southern Writer. He achieved this status by being published in two fine outposts of regional literature: the Dead Mule School and the Birmingham Arts Journal. His upcoming novel “Back Beach Blues” is a classic Florida tale, blending alligators, mobsters, hurricanes, and even Elvis with a story of love and redemption. Like a snowbird in reverse, he recently found a northern home for his work in the Red Fez.

Though Dave’s radio reports were broadcast around the world in many languages, he’s happy to be read in English and write about fictional characters instead of real people (especially politicians). He blogs about the pandemic and other things, listens to jazz, and photographs beach sunsets. He’s a member of and a social media wrangler for the Atlanta Writers Club and is busy with his own platform on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. (He’d appreciate it if somebody could please explain what a writer’s “platform” should be.)

Dave’s short fiction on Amazon

Environmental detective E.Z. Green battles sick seabirds and shady developers
A veteran of Afghanistan fights a different kind of war back home

More stories

The milk of human innocence — Is there truth behind the urban legend of the milkman? Published by the Red Fez.

High Tide – The pandemic, beaches, life, and most of all, love. Published by the Dead Mule School of Southern Literature. (“No good Southern fiction is complete without a dead mule.”)

Flag Day — A few Confederate flags won’t hurt anybody, will they? Published by the Birmingham Arts Journal p. 36 (pdf).

Independence — Forget Covid, let’s celebrate!

Reefer and Jesus – It’s amazing what you can find on the south side. Birmingham Arts Journal p. 38.

“The way to write is well, and how is your own business. Nothing else on the subject makes sense” – A. J. Liebling.

Seashells on sand.

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